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Running from the rugged slopes of Mount Kenyain central Kenya and extending to the north-west, the area known as Laikipiais a patchwork of fenced cattle ranches, tribal land and community-run wildlife conservancies.

These wide open spaces boast the highest diversity of large mammals in Kenya. Laikipia is the perfect playground for those looking to feel the ground beneath their feet, to walk in the wild and spend time with the Samburu and Maasai people who call it home. It is the home of extraordinary experiences like camel-back safaris, week-long walking safaris, sleep-outs beneath the stars and horseback safaris.

Further north, the Mathews range offers unforgettable hiking in pristine mountain forests, while the Sarara Singing Wells give guests a glimpse of a culture still untouched by the modern world. Just north of Mount Kenya lies the rhino sanctuary of Lewa, with Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs just a little further north. In addition to the usual big game, this area is home to the unusual species known as the “Samburu five” and most of the big five, although rhino sightings are scarce. These are parks where the focus is on a remote and unhurried safari experience, sharing a sighting with only your guide and companions, spending endless hours simply taking it all in and enjoying the time to notice the million little details of the bush that often go overlooked in the more crowded parks.

Why Visit?

  • A panoramic patchwork of tribal land, conservancies, sweeping cattle ranches and wildlife reserves, Laikipia offers a heady mix of perspectives on conservation – and through the active participation of all parties, it works!
  • One of the few areas in Kenya still home to white and black Rhino
  • A paradise for walkers and active travellers, from camping out in the wild (in relative comfort, of course!) to horse riding in big game country or running with the incredible Maasai at altitudes of 6000ft above sea level
  • Unobstructed game corridors make the entire area one massive wilderness area and allow wild animals to follow their natural paths


Summer (November – March)
Min 20°C/68°F Max 34°C/94°F

Winter (June – August)
Min 11°C/52°F Max 25°C/77°F

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