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When arriving in Civitavecchia, the port of Rome


If you happen to sail on a Mediterranean cruise and Italy is also on your schedule, chances are that you will be docking in Civitavecchia, a shore town located some fifty miles North of Rome and one of Italy’s busiest cruise ports for annual number of passengers. If that’s your case, you may want to give a look to Civitavecchia, A Cruiser’s Guide (, a website created by locals with the precise aim of providing fair touristic information about Civitavecchia to incoming tourists: whether you will be staying in Civitavecchia for a couple of days or just for few hours, this unconventional tourist resource can really save your day, and maybe help you save some money, too. Javier, an expat who is also part of the project, told us that:


A Cruiser’s Guide was born out of the feeling that this town, despite offering its infrastructures to the cruise companies, was getting very little, except for pollution, out of this huge passenger flow. At the same time we realised that, aboard, most passengers buy outrageously overpriced tours from Civitavecchia for which they could pay far less in town. The rest rolled out quite automatically: we started putting on line some tips on where to buy train and bus tickets at normal prices and what else is there to see in the surroundings (everybody arriving to Italy for the first time strives for reaching Rome but the countryside, too, offers remarkable surprises in this area and a heritage older than Rome itself), and soon we started receiving tons of emails from lost travellers who just couldn’t get any reliable information on transportation, timetables, attractions in Civitavecchia or what to do in Civitavecchia etc. We try to answer to everybody  and of course we are doing it for free, but starting from summer 2016 we are going to offer a walking food & wine tour of CIvitavecchia, and much more. Wish us good luck !


Well what else could we add?  If you pass by Civitavecchia and seek some direction, you now know whom to ask.   

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